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In an interview with al-Ahālī, Egyptian intellectual Dr. Nasr Hāmid Abu Zayd, who left Egypt after Islamists filed a lawsuit against him accusing him of apostasy and forcibly divorcing him form his wife, speaks out on the current stagnant situation of Egyptian society.
Dr. Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid , who was accused of unbelief, five years ago, and fled to Holland commented, in an interview with Al Ahaly, on the case of Dr. Abdel Sabour Shaheen’s book "My Father Adam" , which was demanded to be banned but the court refused.
The Archimandrite, Dr. Atalah Hanna, from the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, discussed in his meeting with Al-Ahali newspaper the Christians’ pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the conditions of the Church and Christians under Israeli rule.
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