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The author reviews a book by Robert Waldron entitled, ’Thomas Merton. Master of Attention,’ and the related discussions on spirituality.
John Watson reviews a new book by Sidney H. Griffith entitled, ’The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque: Christians and Muslims in the World of Islam’ which presents an overview of not only Islamic and Christian history in the Arab world but also provides explanations of the major divides between...
The author reviews a new book entitled, ’ The Churches of Egypt. From the Journey of the Holy Family to the Present Day’ which includes Christian sites from all over Egypt.
The author reviews a novel authored by Assil Bassili entitled, ‘Irini Passi.’
The author discusses Christian thinkers and their contributions to the history of Coptic art in Egypt. He includes individuals such as Zuzana Skalova and Gawdat Gabra, who produced a book on classical Christian-Egyptian art, and Dr. Isaac Fanous.
The author presents a review of a new novel entitled, ‘Tea for Who,’ and published by Anthony Robert Aikman.
The following article highlights the life of the Reverend Professor John Macquarrie, who passed on May 28, 2007. He has been hailed as a master of Christian theology.
John H. Watson highlights an exhibition at the British Library that showcases ancient holy books from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic sources.
The article presents an overview of Coptic art that was displayed in the British Museum in an exhibition entitled, “La Bouche du Roi,” from March 22 to May 13.
Rowan Williams was enthroned as the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury in 2003. One of the archbishop’s recent publications is Silence and Honey Cakes: The Wisdom of the Desert. This book will enable the reader to enter into the demands of the desert: the spiritual Coptic Desert of past and present...


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