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 There is no contradiction between Islam or a civil state, Islam or freedom of opinion, or Islam with citizenship, and anyone who believes in this does not understand the reality of Islam. Read the original text in Arabic    
The Egyptian government thinks its people are so naive that they rely solely on television's Channel 1 News for information on current events and mindlessly accept whatever the news channel claims. The government is unaware of the severity and significance of the current sectarian tension and fails...
The following lines present a reflection on a previous article by the author. It presents a reader’s reaction elaborate on the subject.
Khālid Salāh writes about fatwás that considers exporting Egyptian gas to Israel harām.
Khālid Salāh comments on the U.S. report about freedom of religion in Egypt.
Copts will feel that they are real citizens when Coptic history is appropriately respected in public life and the basics of this language is taught in schools.
Khālid Ṣalāḥ rejects a trend in some parts of the press that tends to use the dangerous issue of sectarianism for financial or political benefits.
Khālid Ṣalāḥ affirms that religion should be kept a personal matter and that a person being a Muslim or a Christian is a mere private choice that should not ignite people’s interests or intervention.
Khālid Salāḥ, the author, responds to the angry messages he received from Copts who reacted to his previous article, in which he criticizes the miraculous story of the moving of the Muqattam Mountain by a good Christian man during the Fatimid era.
The author denounces one of the most appreciated and honored miracles that Copts of Egypt believe in. He considered the continuous narration of the miracle a provocation against Muslims and an ignition of sectarian tension.


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