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No one in the streets of Egypt has any doubt about former Field Marshall Abdelfattah al-Sisi to win the presidential elections on May 26 and 27. The question, however, is what percentage of the electorate will go to the polls. The total number of votes al-Sisi will be able to obtain is also of...
Dr. Hasan Muhammad Wajīh writes about Muslim-Western relations between present and past.
Dr. Hasan Muhammad Wajīh comments on Egyptian and Algerian attitudes towards the recent World Cup match between the two countries.
Dr. Hasan Muhammad Wajīh writes about suggested solutions to educational problems in Egypt.
The author denounces the angry irrational reaction to key international terrorism incidents as destructive acts that kill dialogue.
Text presented to the Dutch delegation consisting of representatives of Dutch churches and Muslim organizations at the Egyptian Press Syndicate.
Dr. Wageih comments on Geert Wilders inaccurate interpretation of Qur’ānic verses in his film ’Fitna.’
The author presents an article on the steps necessary to overcome a natural disaster were it to occur in Egypt of the Arab world. He stresses that unless these preemptive steps are taken, diplomacy and development in the region could stagnate.
The author urges Egypt to accelerate efforts in order to escape the chaos of extremism which is happening in other Arab countries, and describes the main features of the extremist mentality.
The author talks about the relation between secularism and the religious authority.


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