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This article deals with the Coptic Orthodox Church leaving the Middle East Council of Churches, the reasons and repercussions.
A new law issued to organize the work of NGOs has been a recent hot topic of controversy in Egypt. While some are opposed to the law, many see it as an important step towards improving NGOs and volunteer work in Egypt, which they believe do not function efficiently.
A recent video clip complicates the situation in Dayrūt and adds fuel to the fire of sectarian tension.
A new fatwá by Dār al-Iftā’ in Egypt may lead to a new stage of sectarian strife in Egypt.
The lawyer Nabīh al-Wahsh claims that Egypt’s Finance Minister Yūsuf Butrus Ghālī puts a cross sign on the tax return forms intentionally.
An Egyptian NGO that works in the field of services and social solidarity is allegedly helping Egyptian and foreign families to adopt children against the Egyptian law.
Mamdūh ‘Izzat reports on the banning of Father Mattá al-Miskīn’s book by the church.
Al-Maydān presents the script of a recorded CD of one of Bishop Bīshūy’s conferences. In the conference, Bishop Bīshūy considers all non-Orthodox Christians and Muslims to be heretics that are going to hell.
Panic swept through the residents of a building in ‘Abdīn after the building severely shook due to the excavation and construction of a church on nearby land, owned by Pope Shenouda.
Benha University has decided to call off a controversial book for containing sentences that offend Christianity.


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