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Angry protests by Coptic Christians demanding the return of 25-year-old Kāmilyā Shihāta Zākhir, the wife of Priest Tadāwus Sam‘ān, the pastor of Mar Girgis Church in Deir Mwās , al-Minya, fizzled out as state security handed her over to the Church.  
The article provides a list of articles on the reactions to the Sharm al-Sheikh attacks published in the Egyptian press.
In the beginning, the church had obtained a permission to build a service facility over a plot of 500 square meters it owned and surrounded with a mud brick wall. Part of the wall had fallen down due to several cracks and strong winds. The wall was not re-built due to rejection by the security...
Most of the Egyptian papers and magazines devoted full pages to congratulate Christians on Christmas. Christian and Muslim writers believe that January 7 is considered a vivid example of Egyptian national unity.
The review deals with the controversial statements made by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria during an interview with an Egyptian satellite channel in which he warned that Copts will revolt if the state intervenes in support of Max Michel.
The review deals with the controversial issue of Max Michel, who defected from the official Coptic Orthodox Church and set up his own church proclaiming himself patriarch. He recently visited the United States.
The review tackles the controversial statements made by Brotherhood chief Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif that he was ready to send 10,000 men to fight alongside Ḥizb Allāh militants against Israel.
This press review summarizes responses from a wide variety of persons, including Coptic leaders, clergy, and congregants to the controversial Max Michel, also known as Archbishop Maximus I.
This review deals with the controversy still blazing over the split of clergyman Max Michel from the mother Coptic Orthodox Church, and his establishment of Qur’ān independent church and a holy synod for Copts in Egypt and the Middle East.
This press review deals with a controversial announcement made by Max Michel, a Christian who split from the Coptic Orthodox Church and set up a church in the Muqattam area and named himself Archbishop Maximus I, amidst an outcry from the Egyptian mother church and severe criticism.
A list of articles on the recent controversial press law from a variety of Egyptian news sources.
The review deals with the angry Coptic reactions after the medical commission entrusted with examining the Alexandria churches assailant’s mental health said in its report that Mahmūd Salāh al-Dīn ‘Abd al-Rāziq is delusional and schizophrenic and not responsible for his actions.
A review of the death of Father Matta al-Maskīn, who led a mystical life at the desert and was an inspiration to many young monks, at the age of 87.
The review deals with the issue of the Bahā’ī faith in Egypt amidst a tug-of -war between supporters of the Egyptian Bahā’īs’ right to have their faith openly registered in their identity cards and those denying them any rights and terming them as infidels or apostates.
Discussions within the Christian church over ‘The Da Vinci Code’ film, and whether or not the film should be censored.
The review focuses on a feast celebrating the anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s stay in Upper Egypt during the visit of the Holy Family to Egypt, attended by two million Coptic and Muslim visitors.
The review highlights the Muslim Brotherhood’s position during the judges crisis that has recently gripped the nation, amidst accusations that the outlawed group is trying to take advantage of the crisis to escalate its confrontation with the regime.
The review focuses on the spread of the hijāb in Egyptian society, amidst questions of whether a hijāb- wearing woman is really more devout than a non-hijāb wearing woman.
The review deals with a fatwa by Muftī of the Republic Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘a on the right of a non-Muslim mother to retain custody of her children in the case of her husband’s conversion to Islam in light of a lawsuit filed by a Christian convert to Islam who claimed the right to custody of his...
The review deals with the movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’, which is based on Dan Brown’s controversial bestselling novel of the same title, and the lukewarm reception of the film during its screening at the Cannes film festival.


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