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 Efat Al-Sadat struggles against his brother in the parliament elections.
 The author states that the church and the Azhar are engaged in political life and try to satisfy the government on the account of the public.
Al-Maydān talks about the report published by the American magazine, Forbes, and their rich list regarding the richest families in Egypt.
The article explains different views around the issue of nominating Pope Shenouda III for the Nobel Prize. Although there are many supporters of such nomination, others believe that the nomination lacks proper study and may have a negative effect on the church.
Al-Maydān highlights the challenges facing Pope Shenouda and the Coptic Orthodox Church in 2009.
Al-Maydān writes about possible suggestions for the future pope.
The author discusses the recent protest in Sydney led by the pope’s representatives. The march was protesting about the discrimination against Copts in Egypt, but the author questions if this is in fact a realistic criticism. He also assumes that the pope supported this demonstration because of...
Coptic activist organizations claim that Copts in Egypt are persecuted however al-Maydān’s article claims that Copts occupy positions in legislative and executive bodies.
This article gives a brief account of Pope Shenouda’s health status and draws a comparison between Bishop Mūsa and Bishop Bīshūy, two potential candidates who may succeed Pope Shenouda.
The article points to the correlation between ‘Adlī Abādīr who left Egypt to go to Switzerland under mysterious circumstances, and Archpriest Zakarīyā Butrus, who was excommunicated by the Coptic Orthodox Church and left for London.


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