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 'Ismat Zaqlamah is a doctor who emigrated to United States of America in the 1970s, where he established a Coptic Coalition. He later published a newspaper entitled, "Voice of the Copts," which is characterized with exaggeration and work to mould U.S. public opinion against Egypt.
The author highlights the most critical events for the Coptic Orthodox Church during 2009.
Rose al-Yūsuf writes about lawyers and scholars who sue eminent figures in society to gain fame.
The following lines shed light on the “map of poverty” issued by the Ministry of Economy.
The author comments on ‘Amr Khālid’s initiative to preach Islam on beaches in the U.K.
The author attacks scholar and geologist Zaghlūl al-Najjār, saying he harmed Islam when he associated it with changing scientific theories.
Ahmad Bashā reports on the Swiss call to give al-Hadarī Swiss citizenship.
The danger of al-Nās religious channel is that it has no specific plans or objectives. It uses religion and gives clerics, no matter how extremist, the opportunity to promote whatever ideas they want.
Aḥmad Pasha and Maḥmūd Samāḥah reflect on the repeated sectarian incidents in the Governorate of al-Minia, believing that poverty, vengeance and fanaticism are the keys behind the spread of sectarianism in the society of al-Minia.
The crisis between Waṭanī and the Coptic Orthodox Church following the laymen’s conference seems to have become chronic. Pope Shenouda has not sent his weekly article to the newspaper for two weeks. While some attributed the issue to a new phase of the pope’s anger, sources assured that the pope...


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