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The police authorities gave the head of the Jihād Group, ‘Abbūd al-Zumur, a temporary release for 24 hours to spend time with his family. Sources from the family asserted that this was a step toward the permanent release and the end of the group’s crisis.
Fu’ād ‘Alām talks about the relations between security services and the Muslim Brotherhood. He denies the torture to death of Kamāl al- Sinānīrī and blames the leadership of the Brotherhood for concocting a fake crisis about his file out of self-protection.
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria has given orders to defrock two priests for violating the church’s teachings.
The fatwa of Dr. Mohammed Selim Al-Awa, Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi and others which allows American Muslims to take part in the American attacks against Afghanistan was described by some people as a new crusade. It contradicts the other fatwas, each of which relies on some religious, political and...
The Brotherhood has received intelligence information about a security plan to detain members of the group. The information resulted in the postponement of the election for new members of the guidance bureau.
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Following Wednesday’s presidential elections, debate has emerged over the bargains and deals that took place among Egypt’s different political parties.
A number of Copts have asked that President Mubārak intervene to close al-Katība al-Tībīya newspaper because its sectarian views trigger animosity between Copts and Muslims
Pope Shenouda has been requested to intervene in the affair concerning the lies published by the journal al-Mahabba, which is under the supervision of Father Mitiās Nasr Manqarius. It is feared that the lies published by the journal and the non-substantiated accusations against Muslims and Islam...
The report issued by the State Council commission, which confirmed the Islamic sharī‘a as the main legislative source according to the third [Editor: should be second] article of the constitution, has provoked positive reactions among the political coulisses. The report also stated that the...


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