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Rose al-Yūsuf discusses the recent issue of National Geographic dedicated to Jerusalem.
This article sheds light on the discrimination practiced against Muslim women wearing the niqāb in France. It also highlights the draft law that seeks to prevent Muslim women from wearing the niqāb in French society.
Mirvat al-Hutaym reports on the military life of a female Muslim soldier in the U.S. Army. Major Shāridah Husayn, a soldier of Caribbean origin, spoke about her dream to become the first Muslim preacher in the U.S. Army.
Hundreds of Somali women responded to the call of the Islamic Courts Union and volunteered to defend their country against the Ethiopian occupation.
Time magazine reports that Osama Bin Laden’s second-in-command, Ayman al Zawahry, fled to Bangladesh and transferred al-Qa?ida activities to it. The magazine expressed its concern that Bangladesh might become the next target of USA military strikes
Lynn Stewart, the American lawyer representing Shaykh ‘Umar ‘Abd al- Rahmān, currently jailed in the U.S. on terror charges, received 28 months in jail for aiding terrorists.
This article gives definitions of the main religious parties and movements that have role in political life in the Middle East region.
The article gives an outline of the terrorists that the Egyptian courts convicted but who were offered asylum by foreign countries, among which was America. It sheds light on their crimes and the judgments made against them. The author points out that America, which once hosted some of these...
Mirvat al-Huttayyim attacks Al-Jazeera news channel, accusing it of lacking sold principles and acting as a pulpit for terrorists to promote their ideas. She quotes statements of workers at the channel that prove its dual nature.
Swiss authorities did not take any actions against terrorist organizations in Switzerland except after it lost two Swiss citizens in the events of September 11. The extensive investigations, which started directly after September 11 and was completed some days ago, unexpectedly revealed that the...


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