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‘Īd Labīb states that the celebration for Pope Shenouda’s return from the U.S will only last 17 minutes and denies the rumor that Wafā’ Qustantīn is dead.
The author discusses the arrest of a number of students and supervisors at a summer camp believed to be connected with a Muslim Brotherhood school, and notes different viewpoints on whether such schools should be allowed.
The authors investigate a statement issued by the Brotherhood’s no. 2 man, Muhammad Habīb, in which he accused the Ministry of the Interior of hatching a plot against the banned group’s members of parliament.
‘Alā’ Matar accuses the Muslim Brotherhood of being ambiguous over news about their internal elections. He believes that such ambiguity hides many conflicts among members of the group.
Sudan denied that its authorities arrested Abu Anas, the Libyan, who is one of the most dangerous 22 terrorists wanted by the USA. It declared that the one it arrested is an Egyptian fundamentalist carrying the same surname and will be handed over to Egypt.
Salah Hashim, the founder of the Gama´at Al-Islamiya spoke about the Gama´at since its foundation in Assiut, the role the then governor of Assiut played in relation to the formation of the Gama´at and their disputes with the Muslim Brotherhood. He supports the corrective review of the ideologies of...
The article gives information about the three Jihad organization members who are recommended to succeed Ayman Al-Zawahri. They are Morgan Mustafa, Abdel-Aziz Moussa Al-Gamal and Tharwat Salah Shehata.
The former secretary of the State Security Investigation Department stated that all terrorist groups are various faces of the same coin, which includes the Muslim Brotherhood.
The article gives an overview of the history of Refa’i Ahmed Taha, the leader of the Gama’at Al-Islamiya, the terrorist actions he committed, and the reports about the Syrian authorities handing him over to Egypt.
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