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Iqbāl Barakah wishes that each of Kāmīliyā Shihātah and Wafā' Constantine to appear on television and openly announce their religion without any concerns. After that no one will dare to approach mosques or churches asking to release his 'sister Kāmīliyā', she commented.
 Human rights organizations should rescue Kāmīliyā Shihātah, Dayr Mawās’ priest’s wife, and defend her against the violence she has been exposed to. Additionally, Bishop Aghabious of Dayr Mawās should be punished for his statement that a number of priests are now brainwashing Kāmīliyā to guide her...
Iqbāl Barakah, in this article, seeks to shed light on the secularism spreading and over-controlling the Turkish Constitution. She reflects on one of the articles of the Turkish constitution which prohibits the study of the Qur'ān for children under twelve years of age . 
Iqbāl Barakah comments on Islamic preachers who call for niqāb.
This article elucidates the present desperate state which Muslims suffer in Europe, particularly in German, after having enjoyed absolute freedom for ages.
The article denounces the decision of a Sudanese court to lash Lubná al-Husayn, a journalist, for wearing slacks in public.
Iqbāl Barakah relates a story about the Holocaust which led to her being disillusioned about European democracy and freedom of expression.
Iqbāl Barakah writes about how accepted the idea of converting to other religions is in Egypt.
Iqbāl Barakah criticizes the 1997 ban on the hijāb in Turkish universities, showing that it also violated rights of sectarianism.
In the article, Iqbāl Barakah responds to the Austrian rightist politician Susanne Winter’s attacks on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.


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