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This article deals with the celebration of the 37th anniversary of Pope Shenouda’s ascension to the papal seat. The author sheds light on the exaggerated praise expressed by the speakers.
‘Ārif al-Dabbīs writes about how Pope Shenouda has been chosen as the 117 pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
‘Ārif al-Dabbīs said organizing a mass to commemorate the passage of 40 days of the death of a Christian is condemned by many Copts. This is a Pharaonic tradition that was incorporated into the church, but now can earn priests huge amounts of money. It is condemned by Catholic and Evangelical...
Bishop Maximus comes to a controversial agreement with a Brazilian church which allows members of both denominations to perform their prayers in either church.
The author talks about the pressure exerted by the Assiut Diocese on the Assiut governorate in order to secure 13 feddans of land next to the Holy Virgin monastery and a monthly flour quota for themselves.
Mixed marriages between Muslims and Christians often ignite sectarian sedition in Egypt even if the woman keeps her Christian faith.
Although it is not prohibited in the Bible, ham still has many negative impacts on people’s health. In one of his weekly sermons, Pope Shenouda III agreed with this fact. Other clergymen from different Christian denominations also expressed their opinion.
The article discusses whether the divine gift of speaking in tongues still exists, as the Pentecostal Church claims, or if it has ceased to exist since faith spread across the whole world.
Zākhir explains why he wants to sue Bishop Bīshūy, the general secretary of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod.
The author presents a Christian doctrinal disagreement without providing the source of his information or referring to any specialized reference.


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