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Ra’fat talks about last Wednesday’s church riots and asks what went wrong, given that the Giza Governorate announced its approval of the building to be turned into a church. A leading ecclesial figure answers that security forces arrived at the building sight with bulldozers ready to demolish the...
A shop keeper near a church in Shubrā al-Khaymah insists on playing his cassette with an intrusively loud volume. The authorities, meanwhile, have never responded to the church’s complaints.  
The author writes about Pope Shenouda III, pope of Alexandria.
Father ‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt asserts the church’s refusal to sue authors and artists and declares that the Booker Prize given to ‘Azāzīl was a response to the West’s honoring of Salman Rushdie.
Pope Shenouda spoke about the importance of accepting the other. He said that Zionist Christianity was confined to some Protestant denominations. He criticized the idea of God’s chosen people and said that the activities of emigrant Copts were reactions to and not actions against what happens in...
The incidents of Beni Walmis were accidentally filmed by someone of those participated in the journey organized by the church of Mar Girgis in Heliopolis to the Holy Virgin church in Beni Walmis. The article gives the details of the riots, depending on the video film.
Here are two stories that show how some people have mutilated religion, and transformed it from a source of love and tolerance, to one of hatred and hostility. I do not claim that people involved represent all Muslims, but this manner of thinking does exist, and could cause problems in the future.
The Christian cassette market first emerged in the 1970s inside churches and monasteries but since the early 1990s religious songs and hymns on cassette tapes have found their way out of churches and monasteries thanks to producers and businessmen.
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