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Dutch politician Geert Wilders is facing charges slander for misrepresenting Islam, though his trial has been postponed until after Parliamentary elections.
Dutch MP Geert Wilders arrives in the United Kingdom, from which he was banned in February 2009, to screen his anti-Islam film “Fitna” in the House of Lords. The article explains the event, and the expected subsequent reactions.  
Claims in the Netherlands children being beaten while memorizing the Qur’ān.
Dutch government reduces subsidy to an Islamic school
The head of the Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, has announced that he will visit Turkey as part of a parliamentary delegation next year. In the past Wilders’ other foreign visits have caused considerable controversy.
Suggestions have been made in the Netherlands to stop the unemployment allowance for women wearing the niqāb.
The Dutch Party for Freedom [PVV] is seeking seats in the European Parliament to achieve its conservative goals of stopping the spread of Islam in Europe.
The article sheds light on the controversy stirred in The Netherlands after a Muslim attorney, Muhammad ‘Ināyat, refused to rise for judges when they entered the courtroom.
The Dutch foreign minister expresses his resentment that the British government has prevented Geert Wilders from entering British territory.
Denying Geert Wilders’ entry to Britain has increased his popularity in his home country; a fact that was proved in a survey conducted recently in the Netherlands.


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