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The author uses the problems of the moderate ‘Islamonline’ to warn of a global conservatism.
Samīr Murqus writes about the state of religious tension in Egypt.
The author continues his reading of the document written by Palestinian Christian leaders against Israeli transgressions.
Marqus reflects on the situation of religious conflict in Egypt and the importance of developing an initiative to stop such a conflict.
Samīr Marqus discusses the two phases that Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt have experienced. He highlights the main characteristics of these relations during each phase.
A group of Christian-Palestinian leaders present a document at the World Council of Churches against the Israeli transgressions.  
Marqus continues highlighting the visit of United States Commission on International Religious Freedom and its consequences.
The author continues in this article the “culture of questioning,” which he believes to be the only thing that paves the way for development and change to take place in Arab countries. Hence, there will be a real chance to be able to reduce the gap  between the Arab countries and the rest of the...
In this article the the author describes the culture of questioning, which he believes to be the only way towards development and changing the passive, static, stale state of Arab countries. By adopting this cultre, however, they may able to reduce the gap with the rest of the countries all over...
Samīr Marqus reflects on the history and reality of Muslim-Christian dialogue and religious polemics. He believes that dialogue should not aim to negate the other but to realize coexistence.


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