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Samīr Marqus denies any links with ‘Musta‘iddūn lil Mujāwabah’ [Ready to Respond] and clarifies his viewpoints.
The author discusses the recently circulated ideas about the Coptic presence in the political process and the effect of such ideas on political life in Egypt.
Sasmīr Marqus denies having authored a book of sectarian nature that has been ascribed to him.
The author highlights the issue of houses of worship, its historical background and the need for a unified law.
Samīr Marqus sheds light on the platform of the new Wasat Party.
Samīr Marqus remembers the life of William Sulaymān Qilādah on the 85th anniversary of his birth.
In the article, the author states that society could witness a state of a contradiction of loyalties on the basis of people being encouraged to go against the law.
Samīr Marqus highlights the Islamic stance toward ahl al-dhimmah throughout history and according to different groups in the Islamic world. He presents the case of Egypt as an example.
Samīr Marqus highlights the "new patriarchal" system that rules modern institutions with a primitive tribal system.
This is the second part of a study by Samīr Marqus, the chairman of the Trustees’ Board of Al-Misrī Foundation for Citizenship and Dialogue. The first part was issued in Al-Ahalī in its previous issue dated January 28, 2009 in which he dealt with the issue of Copts between the Constitutions of 1923...


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