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This is the first part of a study by Samīr Marqus, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Misrī Foundation for Citizenship and Dialogue, on the situation of the Copts in the course of the issuance of different constitutions and the factors which affected their participation. He reveals the...
A conference on renewal and reform in modern Islamic thinking has taken place at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
Samīr Marqus analyzes Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt since the rule of Muhammad ‘Alī and suggests three possibly scenarios for the future of the Egyptian state.
This article deals with the reactions of Egyptians toward the recent crime of murder. The author provides an analysis of the Egyptian minds according to these reactions.
The dwindling number of Christians left in the Middle East is cause for grave concern. Samīr Marqus addresses the reasons behind this emigration and calls on all citizens of the Middle East to reverse this trend.
The author contrasts the 1960s version of the film ’Hasan, Marqus and Cohen’ with the 2008 version ’Hasan and Marqus’, highlighting both the disappearance of the Jewish community and the deterioration of relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.
The author says that religious tension in Egypt has escalated over the last 40 years to the breaking point. Egyptians must work together in order to make sure society stays safe and this issue is solved.
The recent rise in religious tension in Egyptian society has led the author to call for a civil state in Egypt, that would promote equality and alleviate confessional tensions.
Samīr Marcus comments on the contradictions in Egyptian society which hinder development and progress. He states that a patriarchal system does not promote citizenship and institutionalism.
Samīr Marqus discusses the social reality in Egypt, the Coptic file, citizenship and the laws and rulings issued regarding building churches in Egypt at the present time.


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