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The author talks about the religious tension Egypt has been suffering from, where he considers the religious discrimination as being responsible for the problems with Muslim-Coptic relations.
Samīr Marqus presented hints of the life and achievements of the great Coptic thinker William Sulaymān Qilādah in the field of Egyptian nationalism movement.
Samīr Marqus reviews a report released by a number of British research centers and civil societies about the future of citizenship in the United Kingdom in the coming 20 years.
Samīr Marqus summarizes a lecture he had delivered about religion in international relations, and sheds light on the Vatican Document, believing that understanding the document requires digging deeper in the socio-political background of the Catholic Church.
The author reviews a book about democracy and freedom of expression in Egypt by Sāmiḥ Fawzī entitled, “Colors of Freedom, an Egyptian View.” The book discusses democracy in Egypt and considers how successful it really is.
Samīr Marqus calls to establish a cultural, scientific, and educational campaign during the coming decade to acquaint the new generations with values and the importance of the civil renaissance that Egypt has been experiencing over the past century.
Samīr Murqus writes about the danger facing religious diversity in Egypt. He explained that building churches in Egypt is a sign of Egyptian religious and cultural diversity.
Some political groups aiming to achieve their individual goals manipulate history to their own benefit.
Dr. Samīr Marqus discusses the concept of cultural citizenship and its relation with the current ruckus in the Egyptian political arena about reforming certain articles in the Egyptian constitution.
Christian Zionism uses Christianity to serve Israeli interests.


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