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The author talked about a book published by the Ministry of Endowments entitled, ‘Dalīl al-Imām īlà tagdīd al-khiṭāb al-dīnī.’ The book discuses several issues, one of them is al-Takfīr where the book aims to prevent people from using this term without enough knowledge.
The return of retired veiled actresses to the small screen has raised many questions over the roles they are likely to agree to play after putting on the hijāb.
Al-Nās [people] television channel will begin broadcasting from Egypt funded by the Saudi Arabian al-Barāhīn Gulf Company, and featuring Egyptian hijāb-wearing television presenters.
Translator: The Christian Film Festival generated diverse reactions. Some fear it turning into a political rally, especially that it is showing Church production outside the Church premises.
The young talented actor Ahmad Al-Fishawi was reported to have given up acting, grown his beard and become a student of the preacher Amr Khaled or the preacher of resigned artists. Al-Fishawi said that if he had found something in Khaled´s lectures claiming that acting is haram [religiously...
After the project of the movie Nefertiti in which Egyptian scriptwriter Ahmed ‘Uthmān is trying to prove that Prophet Moses was only Akhenaten, the monotheistic pharaoh in ancient Egypt, he came up with another project in the pipelines: the movie Jesus in Egypt, based on a book he published in...
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