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  The journalist ʿAlī Yāsīn was not wrong when he described the Arabs’ entry into Egypt by ʿAmr ibn al-Āṣ as an occupation when he was answering the [following] question [posed to him] on the TV show Kalām Tānī on Dream TV: “How should history be written?"
‘Alī al-Fātih discusses the idea of fatwás and the religious state versus the legal state.
The grand shaykh of the Azhar creates a stir among journalists after demanding that the journalist who depicted him as a priest be punished.
Suhayr ‘Uthmān, a researcher from the Faculty of Mass Communication, conducted research on the relationship between reading printed and electronic newspapers and the youths’ conceptions of terrorism. This article outlines some of the study’s results.
"Kifayà" [enough] movement leaders face huge criticism concerning their mixed ideologies and double standards.
A recently held conference in Egypt about the establishment of a secularist approach to politics has stated that democracy requires secularism.
The article is an interview with Sheikh Gamal Qutb, former head of the Azhar Fatwa Committee. He presented his assessment of the religious discourse of the Azhar. He believes that the discourse of the Azhar is suffering from the same problems the Islamic religious discourse suffers from all over...
The article is an interview with Dr. Tala´at Abdel Mageed, Professor at the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University. He comments on the nature of the current religious discourse and its impact on people. He highlighted the difficulty of discussing the issue of the renewal of religious...
Al-Qahera publishes more questions directed to leading figures of Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiya by imprisoned members of Al-Gama’a and their answers which were included in the book of “Nahr Al-Zikrayat (a river of memories). In their answers leading members of Al-Gama’a went into many sensitive issues that...
Dr. Essam Al-Erian, prominent Muslim Brotherhood member, comments on the issues of renewing the religious discourse, Shiite Islam, the possibility of having Islam as the final authority for the government, Islamic ruling and democracy in an Islamic state.


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