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Father ‘Abd al-Massīḥ Basīṭ sheds light on eminent Christian characters including Pope Shenouda.
Father ‘Abd al-Masīḥ Basīṭ Abū al-Khayr explains why George Ḥabīb Bibāwī is being tried.
The article is a letter responding to an article published in Rose Al-Youssef under the title “The writer of the taboo Gospel.” In his letter, Father Abdel Masih argues that the article of Rose El-Youssef is biased and unfair, as it gives the impression that the Gospel of Barnabas, which...
‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt denounces Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code, as containing many errors and false allegations. He adds that the book is nothing but an attack on Christianity.
The church has freed itself from these mistakes and was confined to its spiritual and moral role, leaving science for scientists with their research, study and discoveries.
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