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Journalist Mamdūh argues that Egyptians are made to perceive their country as a civil state, whose protection requires fighting against anything that might turn it into a religious state. Thereupon, Mamdūh explains why Egypt cannot be considered a civil state and points out some opposition member’s...
Mamdūh al-Shaykh criticizes the Islamic world’s silence to what he calls the ’atrocities’ of the Serbian Church against the Muslims of Kosovo who are on the verge of announcing their independence from Serbia.
In a message from detained leaders of the Jihād Group, they stress their beliefs that the regime-orchestrated initiative to cease violence is no more than an absurd ploy.
The writer objects to and criticizes the Fatwá issued by the previous Egyptian Muftī Dr. Naṣr Farīd Wāṣil which proclaimed Ṣaddām Ḥussayn a martyr because of his persecution by the Americans.
A Christian missionary converted to Islam after reading the Qur’ān with the intention to find mistakes that could help him to invite Muslims to convert to Christianity. He wrote an important book on the issue.
The author says advancement is ruled by universal laws and has nothing to do with religion. It comes from freedom and is inhibited by suppression.
Some intellectuals have rejected the idea of a film about the life of Christ which they consider an insult to a holy figure.
The most important aspect of the new picture of the Holocaust is the involvement of Zionist and non-Zionist members of Jewish groups in a strong relation of cooperation with the Nazis. Some examples of this relation are the role played by members of Jewish councils which were under the authority of...
The article is about the relation between Nazism and Zionism. The author argues that this relation goes beyond structural similarity and ideological interaction, as there is a certain tangible relation between both [ideologies].
The author argues that Arabs should deny the Holocaust as a whole in an attempt to denounce the Zionist allegations about their [Arab] rights in Palestine. At the same time Arabs should face the Zionist monopoly of the role of the victim. The author believes this will help Arabs to manage the Arab-...


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