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The Patriarchate of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch, headed by Mār Ignatius Ephram II, Patriarch of Antioch and Supreme Leader of the Syriac Orthodox Church, distanced itself from Hātūn, an organization headed by the nun Hatūn Dūjān.
Pope Tawadrōs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Mark, commented on the divorce crisis among the Christians, stressing that the responsibility of forming a family is the responsibility of the individuals. “We are always raising the awareness of future generations on the...
An ongoing dispute is taking place inside the church about who will succeed Pope Shenouda III. On one hand, one group seeks to keep the position for General Bishop Yu’annis. On the other hand, the laymen negate the validity of the suggestion and suggest a new draft law for electing the patriarch.
The article sheds light on some facts related to a dispute between a Coptic Orthodox priest and a bishop in Bani Sweif.
Emile sheds light on the different Christian denominations living in 6th of October City.
The article reports on the attorney general’s decision to acknowledge the church’s certificate of returning to Christianity.
Coptic efforts claiming the release of the jailed priest, Father Methaous Wahbah.
Father Salīb Matta, Pastor of Mar Girgis Church in al-Jiyūshī, had to withstand more pressure lately. The pressure intensified, after the publication of an article on the Internet signed by the alienated Father Marqus ‘Azīz, the former bishop of the hanging church.
A Coptic expatriate organization is suing the Coptic businessman ‘Īd Labīb for accusing the organization of being an agent for Israel.
Rumors spread about the possible reasons behind the lack of a priest in a church in Beni Suewf.


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