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The Fifth Doha Conference of Inter-Faith Dialogue concluded its sessions last week by issuing six recommendations which did not reflect the aspirations of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish participants.
Dr. Maḥmūd Ismā‘īl discusses the Islamic stance toward science and technology.
Dr. Maḥmūd Ismā‘īl tackles the concept of "state of religion" in Islām.
A critique of al-Ghad’s article which slanders the author for his stance against the newspaper over the issue of their offence of the companions of Prophet Muhammad and other political issues.
The Sunna of the Prophet is the second source for the Islamic Sharia [the first source is the Holy Qur´an]. The author argues that there are too many inauthentic, false hadiths, yet, raising doubts concerning the entire Sunna is a very extremist attitude. The best solution to such dilemma is...
The political-religious ideas of the Islamic Liberation Party are more evolved than the previous ancestral ideologies. They alert youth to confront the alliance between Jews and western colonialism along with the ragged Arab regimes.
The Arab conquerors were tolerant toward the ancient Egyptian culture that was flourishing in the Alexandria Library. Arabs were tolerant with all the cultures of their time. They were very tolerant as long as it did not contradict the teachings of Islam. That is why the claim that the Arab...
Mamdouh Ismail criticizes the opinions of Prince Al-Walid Ibn Talal [the owner of the music satellite channel Rotana] on the issue of the veil in France and of martyrdom operations. The prince voiced his opinion in an interview with the French paper Le Figaro.
Many books and articles have been written about Sayyid Qutb, not because he contributed to enriching the Salafist way of thinking, but rather because he, despite his foggy vision, influenced all religious extremist movements.
Despite being Syrian, Muhammad Rashīd Ridā’s intellectual and political activities have reached their zenith during his stay in Egypt in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.Groups adopting declared political objectives standing on Ridā’s ideas like the Fascist Misr al-Fatāh [Young Egypt] and...
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