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October interviews Nabīl Lūqā Bibāwī, the renowned Coptic intellectual and writer.
October publishes a series of articles that included memories of an Egyptian member of al-Qā‘idah. AWR is only referring to the series.
The author argues that Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm, as an agent for globalization is promoting apostasy and the loss of religious identity.
‘Atif ‘Abd al-Ghanī writes about ‘Adlī Abadīr and his continuous attacks on Muslims and Islam.
Some people like to fabricate stories just to retaliate against others without knowing that these stories may ignite sectarian sedition between Muslim and Christians.
The author launches a no-holds barred attack on Max Michel, the self-appointed Bishop Maximus I of St. Athanasius Church. ‘Ātif ‘Abd al-Ghanī accuses Michel of being part of a conspiracy against Egyptian unity, and claims that Michel was just a pawn in ill-wishers’ hands.
‘Atif ‘Abd al- Ghanī interviews Christian Wafd politician Munīr Fakhrī ‘Abd al-Nūr.
The story of a Coptic woman who has found out that her husband is a polygamist, and who now has a civil court divorce verdict, which the church does not accept.
The [Coptic] Evangelical Organization for Social Services [CEOSS] and the Ministry of Awqaf organized a three-day seminar from 15 to 17 July, for young pastors and imams. The author, who participated in the seminar, reflects on the meaning of national unity and the acceptance of the other as he...
An inspector for the Ministry of Endowments gives the opinion that women are religiously allowed to pray and fast during menstruation. He is judged for giving similar “strange” opinions. A professor at the Azhar University says that he is an apostate who should be killed if his apostasy threatens...


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