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Watani interviewed a number of intellectuals and human rights activists to discover their views on the rise of sectarian attacks in Egypt.
The article discusses Egypt’s recent appointment to the UN Human Rights Council. The authors wonder if it is a valid appointment, particularly when considering the fact that there are political parties within Egypt that use slogans that oppose the fundamental ideals of human rights and citizenship...
The article discusses the second laymen’s conference to which Pope Shenouda has been invited.
The author discusses a number of issues related to the Egyptian press, such as low salaries, level of professionalism among journalists, and where money for advertising comes from. The article focuses on the effects these issues have on press freedom and quality.
Bishop Kyrillos’ crisis with the church is discussed, and the true reasons behind the crisis are considered, as well as the proposed solutions for the crisis.
An article covering a seminar which took place at the Cairo Center for Human Rights on problems facing Copts in Egypt in which a number of famous Egyptian intellectuals participated.
The recent terrorist attacks in Sharm al-Sheikh executed by the Abdullah Azzam Brigades which claimed 85 lives and left more than 200 injured are nothing but the last in a long line of terrorist events in Egypt and the entire world.
The investigation into the causes of the Alexandria sectarian violence.
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