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Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria and the See of Saint Mark held an unusual Wednesday meeting with the Coptic public. He did not tackle political issues. In previous meetings, Pope Shenouda accused the Egyptian government of persecuting Copts.
Pope Shenouda III says persecution has existed since the early ages of Christianity and people should have a clear intention and understanding of what they are doing when giving alms or donating to beggars. He stresses that patience and adherance to Christian beliefs and the Bible teachings are...
In his Wednesday sermon, Pope Shenouda looked tired. He warned the young generation against the abuse of internet that may result in illegal relations. The pope also congratulated President Mubārak on his birthday and prayed for the newly married Jamāl Husnī Mubārak and his wife.
There are no Christians girls kidnapped, but there are some girls disappearing, according to Bishop Mūsá.
In the article, a large number of bishops of the Coptic Orthodox Church have been engaging in a hidden struggle to reach the papal seat.
Rose al-Yūsuf magazine publishes a public survey on the role of religion in society.
‘Imād Bisalī reports about Bishop Paphnotius’ book about developing church activities.
Coptic thinkers in Egypt have rejected a conference called for by expatriate Copt Dr. ‘Adlī Abādīr entitled, ‘The Rights of Minorities in the Middle East.’ The organizers have launched an aggressive attack on political authorities in Egypt, accusing them of causing a setback in social and economic...
Confession is one of the seven mysteries on which the Orthodox Church is based and one of the fundamental differences between Christian denominations.
Following the publication of ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ the ‘Lost Tomb of Jesus’ provoked further uproar among Christians. The documentary, realized by a Jewish director, is rejected by the church in Egypt and described as a conspiracy to destroy the church and Christianity.


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