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The lists of names of Coptic candidates approached after the coordination between a group of Copts and different fronts, especially the Egyptian Coalition Front. Four lists have been created covering Upper, Middle and Eastern Egypt, Alexandria, Matruh and Beheria
 “For Egyptians, football is the ‘essence of life’,” says Fathī al-Gizāwī, a café owner in Giza. Even with the Egyptian team no longer in the 2010 World Cup, the event carried special importance for Egyptians. But how is it possible for Egyptians to watch all 64 games when subscription to the...
Samīr reports on pig breeders who have tried to stop the authorities from taking away their animals to be slaughtered.
The author believes that football, like many aspects of Egyptian life, now has a religious element and wonders how much of an effect the devoutness of the Egyptian players has on their success on the football pitch.
The article discusses the author’s view of how Egypt will change over the coming years, and how these changes will affect the minorities in the political and social spheres.
The author considers the recent rumors that have been circulating about President Mubārak’s health. He questions where the rumors originated, and what may have motivated their circulation.
The article discusses rumors of terrorist attack on Cairo’s underground, and the heightened security measure that have been implemented to potentially prevent such an attack.
The author discusses the Minister of Labor ‘Ā’ishah ‘Abd al-Hādī’s response to the International Labour Organization’s report which claimed that Copts were discriminated against in Egypt. She claims that Copts are ten per cent of the Egyptian population, and control 30 per cent of the Egyptian...
The author discusses the rising tension between the Muslim Brotherhood and the government. It considers the Brotherhood’s intention to run in the Shūrá Council elections under their slogan “Islam is the Solution.”
The author discusses a number of issues related to the Egyptian press, such as low salaries, level of professionalism among journalists, and where money for advertising comes from. The article focuses on the effects these issues have on press freedom and quality.


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