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The author argues that supporters of globalization do not take seriously the Islamic concept of economy and society because there is no evaluation or systematic Islamic criticism of this phenomenon. Thus modern Islamic thought should draw on contemporary critical theory to develop new ways of...
This review discusses news about the conference on ‘Laymen and the Church’ which is supposed to be held on November 14 and 15 at the Egyptian Association for Enlightenment. However members of the association filed a claim to cancel the conference. The Orthodox church expressed its disapproval of...
The Holy Family Schools in Egypt organize a conference for unifying Christian denominations.
Rose al- Yūsuf obtained an internal note of “Kifāyah” that criticizes the movement harshly and calls for radical change in its internal organisation.
Disputes over elections in the Evangelical Community Council caused escalating tensions between the Assembly of Kanīsat al- Ni‘ma [Church of Grace] and the Evangelical Community Council in Egypt.
This article reports criticism from a key figure of the Centrist Party against Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī for his attacks on Shī‘ah and on Syrian President Bashshār al-Assad who had attacked the position of Arab leaders on the Israeli war on Lebanon.
Some Evangelical priests have demanded the modification of the constitution of the church to cope with the changes of the present time.
The article concentrates on recent arguments amongst intellectuals and politicians over the removal of religious data from the Egyptian identification card.
The author discusses journalists’ angry reactions to a suggestion made by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in parliament that journalists be whipped instead of jailed.
The article tackles a symposium organized by MENA, the Egyptian official news agency, about Muslim-Coptic coexistence in Egypt. Participants called for sustaining citizenship, away from any religious sentiments and blamed the religious institutions for their negligence in this regard.


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