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Egyptian Christians call for changing the language of the Mass from Coptic into Arabic.
Egyptian intellectuals express their views on the reason behind the Alexandria incident in particular and sectarian tension in Egypt in general.
Pastors of the Evangelical church and the Hanging Church in Egypt elaborate on the issue of ordaining women priests and elders.
Spokesman of the legally banned Muslim Brotherhood and member of the Irshād [guidance] Office, ‘Isām al-‘Iryān, claims that the former minister of education, Husayn Kāmil Bahā’ al-Dīn has praised the Brotherhood’s efforts to reach out to the Egyptian public and has encouraged the group to maintain...
The article reports on discussions concerning the ordination of female ministers in the Evangelical Church.
The Egyptian authorities have started a large-scale arrest campaign against members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, but the reasons for the detentions remain unclear to most observers.
The author examines the divisions that have taken place among the members of the Church of Grace, after members of the council of the church accused their president, Sāmī Hannā Ghubriyāl, of committing crimes for over 18 years.
The author interviewed Dr. Mahmoud Ismail. The interview discussed the issue of renewing the religious discourse, the topic of two seminars attended by Dr. Ismail during two consecutive months: the first was during the Arab Culture Conference held in Cairo by the Supreme Culture Council. The second...
The Coptic Orthodox Church held a forum to discuss the reasons behind the passivity of the Copts in political life.
The Muslim Brotherhood is arranging a dialogue session with Alexandria’s Copts, scheduled on Thursday at the Egyptian Center for Media and Cultural Development, Alexandria.


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