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The Cairo-based al-Kalima Center for Human Rights has issued its annual report on the political events of 2005, including syndicate, presidential and parliamentary elections. The report calls for respecting the rights of religious minorities in Egypt, including Shiites, Bahā’īs and Qur’ānīs.
The Korea Association against Christian Heresy (KAACH), headed by Rev. Daebok Lee, has called on the Egyptian Evangelical Church to deny "deity claimant,” Rev. Jaerock Lee, entry into Egypt.
The Evangelical Church in Egypt is in conflict because a priest has invited a South Korean religious leader, accused of heresy by many in the Korean church, to convene a conference in Egypt.
A Korean priest has claimed deity and sparked controversy within the Egyptian Evangelical Church.
The Muslim Brotherhood has admitted that it has two election slates, one public, one private.
Fundamentalist Muslims make the vanguard of what a French thinker described as a "third-world anti-imperialism movement”.
The fatal point of weakness in the 1st Coptic symposium in the Swiss city of Zurich was that it tried to be secular but could not abide until the end by this noble call that enhances Egyptians’ unity and consequently functions as a life buoy from a merciful fate at the end of a dark tunnel.


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