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The Bar Association’s Freedoms Committee has called for a conference to discuss press freedom.
The Administrative Court ruling which grants a license to remarry is unconstitutional for it violates Article 46 of the Constitution which guarantees the freedom of belief and it contravenes the Coptic Orthodox doctrine.
‘Ulā ‘Ādil reports on the exchange of accusations between Catholic Franciscan nuns and other Catholic nuns who belong to the Jerusalemite Wardīyah order over the administration of a school in Heliopolis in Cairo.
The article criticizes a trend of Coptic Orthodox Churches and monasteries that have engaged in trading projects and have left their real spiritual role.
A priest filed a report in Madīnat al-Salām police station in which he accused a young Muslim of kidnapping his daughter and forcing her to embrace Islām under the influence of drugs.
A conflict between a nun and a monastery over land and property ownership.
Seven Copts detained by the State Security Investigation apparatus under the emergency law may be released next week. This event sparked wrathful demonstrations by some 8,000 Copts during the past ten days.
A man married an ugly rich woman to overcome his poverty and decided later to get rid of her by converting to Islam.
The author tackles the secret churches in Egypt, which Copts are building without having the necessary permission from the government, highlighting the grave consequences of this phenomenon.
Money may push many to commit illegal acts. Here the author explains how many churches were robbed by certain people who managed to deceive Christian religious men, making use of the “religious bond”.


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