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The article deals with the fatwá describing building a church as a sin.
Watani interviewed a number of intellectuals and human rights activists to discover their views on the rise of sectarian attacks in Egypt.
Ishāq Ibrāhīm writes about the 2009 U.S. State Department report to Congress on religious freedom
Ibrāhīm takes a look at the media coverage of the pig cull that the Egyptian government ordered as a result of the H1N1 virus.
The article reports on the talks being held during the Middle East Freedom forum. Almost all members focused on the sheer partiality of the state to Islam and the ill practices that correspond. Calls for setting the bases of human rights and values are being discussed too.
Watani interviewed the Islamic scholar Jamal al-Bannā about his views concerning; the church, his opinion that religions do not contradict each other and his explanations for the growing extremism in Egyptian society.
The ninth International Conference for Coptic Studies was held in Cairo recently. Over 150 Coptic scholars from different countries around the world participated in the conference, however the media was not allowed to attend the conference.
The author discusses the recent conference held by the International Association for Coptic Studies, which returned to Egypt after 32 years of being held outside of the country.
The author comments on the personal status law for Christians, and questions why it has remained shelved for 30 years.
The author, Ishaq Ibrāhim, interviewed the head of Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination [EARD] Mūnir Mejahid about the group’s members, goals and methods.


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