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The author questions Dr. Mahmūd Zaqzūq’s decision to promote one of Dr. Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī’s books about the jurisprudence of jihād.
The article comments on the rule of the confrontation with the Jewish entity. He wrote that negotiations are a better choice because any military conflict will lead to a global conflict, or at least one with the U.S.
In this article the author differentiates between the true fiqh of Islam and the fiqh which he calls ‘Fiqh Zawat al-Arba‘’ [Fiqh of the quadrupeds]. He takes an example of fiqh from what happens in Gaza.
The vice-chairman of the National Council for Human Rights has delivered a speech in support of Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī and his views.
Mahmūd ‘Āmir accuses ‘Amr Khālid of slandering the Prophet Muhammad and using inappropriate language to describe the prophets.
The author criticizes a statement attributed to the so-called ’Azhar Scholars Front’, banning working in companies and factories which export gas to Israel and ruling that whoever works in such places is a sinner.
Mahmūd ‘Āmir denounces the Shī‘ah and the Muslim brotherhood, claiming that they violate the Islamic Sharī‘ah and the fundamentals of Islām.
In this article, the author warns Egyptian society against the dangers of the expansion of the Shī‘ah influence as it increases fitnah and doctrinal disagreements in society allowing space for the growth of an extremist trend in its thoughts and beliefs; whereas the Sunnī parties do not have...
‘Amir continues his criticism of the Twelver Shī‘ah and clarify that his attitude is merely religious and has nothing to do with political affairs of the Shī‘ah countries. He asks Sunnī scholars to give precise answers for certain questions about Shī‘ah doctrine.
The following article addresses Mahmūd ‘Āmir’s attack against the Shī‘ah and the political and religious danger they bring to Egypt and the Islamic world, by comparing them to the Muslim Brotherhood. ‘Āmir blames the Azhar leadership and the National Democeratic Party for their support of...


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