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The author tackles the recent myths and juggleries in Islamic discourse which deform the Islamic image before the world, urging the Azhar to deal with this serious problem.
‘Āmir points out that the Muslim Brotherhood is a dangerous group that seeks to reach power through armed clashes with authorities. He suggests resisting such groups by distributing books that disprove their ideas.
The article is a critique of Arab media that provoke feelings of anger among the public. He proposes a day of silence for all government and private media outlets "to relax our minds and souls from this chaotic turmoil."
The author reviews a book by a Muslim Brotherhood member called Mahmoud al-Sabbāgh. The book, the author says, contains the ideology of the group about killing enemies of Islam, as examples of assassination allowed by the Prophet Muhammad were cited by al-Sabbāgh.
The author is skeptical about whether the Muslim Brotherhood have changed, and suggests that if they are genuine about having changed, they should renounce the teachings of their past imām, Hasan al-Bannā.


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