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The author reports on the death of a prominent figure in the Chaldean Catholic Church, Metropolitan Yūsuf Ibrāhīm.  
The author reports the strange incident of a Christian woman’s second marriage in 1981.
Lutfī al-Numayrī writes about what angers Pope Shenouda concerning the clergymen.
Comments on a Catholic paper and its national appeal.
Lutfī al-Numayrī writes about holding the prayer of Father Kerlis IV in a Catholic Church
This article talks about an Egyptian nun who has been serving the poor and sick in the Malakal province of Sudan for the past four years. Sister Lisa al-Hakīm stresses that people should give to the poor in times of need, and be thankful for what God has bestowed upon them.
The article explains that the purpose or raising the topic of hidden gospels is to mislead Christian believers.
Lutfī al-Numayrī believes that church trials do not suit Christianity because it is a religion of love and acceptance for every one, even those who make mistakes.
The article suggests that both Coptic clergymen and laymen have to work together to improve the circumstances of Copts.
Citing a number of Biblical verses, Lutfī al-Numayrī, a member of the Egyptian Writers’ Union, argues that the ordination of women as priests runs contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ.


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