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The German intelligence service is searching for 35 German jihādists in Egypt after Germany expressed concerns about Salafī threats to carry out terrorist operations on its soil.
Anas al-Tikrītī’s British bank accounts, alongside those of his family and his famed organization, Cordoba Foundation, have been closed by the British government.
According to ‘Azmī, "The Muslim Brotherhood has emerged empty-handed from the marathon of the parliamentary elections, just as expected." "Far from the reasons the Brotherhood media machine is giving for their parliamentary lapse," says ‘Azmī, " is the performance of the Brotherhood MP's in the...
This article outlines the Muslim Brotherhood’s new goal to unite with Copts politically before the Shūrá Council elections.
Ākhir Sā‘ah writes about different beliefs and faiths in Egypt, focusing in this article on the Ahmadiyya movement.
The article casts light on the history of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Egypt and their attempt to officially return to Egypt.
Ākhir Sā‘ah writes about the recent incidents involving the Bahā’ī community in the village of al-Shurāniyah.
‘Isām al-‘Iryān: the Muslim Brotherhood believe in the Constitution although they have certain reservations and consider themselves an innovative religious trend.
The author, ‘Alā’ ‘Azmī, interviewed the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated lawyer Mr. Mukhtār Nūḥ on his candidature for presidency of the Lawyers’ Syndicate and his relationship with the banned group.
The author discusses the formation of Islamic parties such as the Muslim Brotherhood’s unfinished party, the "Union for Freedom" Party, and the would-be al-Wasat Party. The author relates this recent phenomenon to the sweeping victory of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey. He criticizes...


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