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Associations supporting the rights of gays and lesbians have increased in the Arab World.
The author reviews sectarian tension in Egypt and the potential causes behind it.
Members of the European Parliament, who belong to both liberal and green blocs, have renewed their attacks against the Egyptian regime, calling for Egypt to be added to the blacklist of countries persecuting Christians, which also includes Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Jordan.
Al-Darbī presents a report on the principles of citizenship in Egypt. She discusses the difficulties, and reports the positive steps taken in this regard. She also reports on the viewpoints of a number of observers and specialists.
In an Iftār ceremony, Pope Shenouda III criticized the Coptic expatriates who, according to him, are spreading rumors about Copts being persecuted in Egypt. The pope also called for an end to the current tension between the press and the government.
Father Giuseppe Scattolin, a professor of Islamic mysticism at the Faculty of Religious Studies of the Rome-based Pontificio Istituto di Studi Arabi ed’Islamistica (P.I.S.A.I.) [Reviewer: Pontifical Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies] speaks to al-Wafd about his interest in Islamic Sūfism...
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