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Muhammad ‘Alī Abu Humaylah reports about different opinions concerning religious figures taking political actions.
Sawt al-Ummah interviews the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and questions him on a number of controversial issues.
The mysterious disappearance of a Jihād Group leader, ‘Abboud al-Zumur, from the Limān Tora Prison has led many inmates to threaten hunger strike. The wife of al-Zumur, Umm al-Haytham, has called upon the public prosecutor, the interior minister, and Egyptian human rights organizations about an...
In response to the unprecedented success of Hamās in the recent legislative elections, supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif, has voiced the group’s support for the Palestinian movement, adding that group will help Hamās prove itself as a model of Islamic democracy.
The alliance is spearheaded by al-Zumur from within his jail on behalf of all the detained Islamist groups, while al-Durīnī represents the Shiites of Egypt and Coptic lawyer Mamdouh Nakhla, the director of al-Kalima human rights center, represents Egyptian Christians.
The decree designating Saturday, instead of Thursday, a day off in addition to the traditional Friday has caused a Muslim Brotherhood member of parliament to accuse the government of complimenting Jews.
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