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The Coptic Orthodox Church is still considering boycotting the parliamentary elections due to the National Democratic Party’s failure to choose any of its Coptic candidates in Alexandria. The Church says that it awaits the Pope’s decision on the matter. Meanwhile, the Coptic Orthodox Community...
Eight Copts in Alexandria, seven Orthodox and one Protestant, compete to represent the National Democratic Party in upcoming parliamentary elections. The seven Orthodox candidates seek the Church's endorsement. Some even claim to be personally endorsed by the Pope. The Pope's denial of those claims...
Pope Shenouda asserts that monasticism is a choice of asceticism and not a vent for failure.
The author discusses a grievous play performed in one of Alexandria’s churches on the 40th day since the incident of Naj‘ Hammādī.
Pope Shenouda, Patriarch of Alexandria, and the See of St. Mark insists, in his weekly sermon, that Copts and Muslims should be visiting the Holy places in Palestine together, not only the Copts.  
In his weekly Sunday sermon in Alexandria, Pope Shenouda calls for helping people in need regardless of their religion and honors the top students in the secondary schools’ final examinations.
In his weekly sermon in Alexandria, Pope Shenouda refused to absolve a Coptic woman who visited Israel, violating his commandments and calls on Copts to take church news from the church, referring to the unauthentic church news reported by some newspapers.
Pope Shenouda is back in Alexandria after a 12-week absence.
A new pope’s deputy is assigned in Alexandria, and Pope Shenouda is still absent from his supposed weekly sermons there.
Pope Shenouda defrocks his deputy in Alexandria. The community council refuses the term “defrock” and calls the decision a “normal procedure.”
Pope Shenouda is still absent from Alexandria and the governor denies any conflicts with him.
The Copts of Alexandria have repeated their complaints to Pope Shenouda about priests and security personnel who prevent them from talking to him and shaking his hand and assert that talking to his holiness still requires "connections".
The pope feels sorry for being indulged in people’s lives which are full of problems, rather than enjoying the stable and quiet life of monasticism that he used to enjoy. However, this did not hinder him from giving advice to people in an attempt to help them solve their problems whenever they...
This article deals with the first sermon delivered by pope Shenouda in Alexandria after his return from his long medical trip. In this sermon, Pope Shenouda replied the questions of some Copts and advised women not believe men’s promises.
The Alexandria church attacker, in an interview with Al-Dustūr, asserts that he attacked only one of the three churches attacked on April 15, 2006. He also says that he is mentally ill which means that he hears voices in his head and had urges to hit someone in April. He asks the president to...
Mahmūd Salāh Al-Dīn has been accused of attacking three churches in Alexandria. He is currently in hospital and doctors have claimed that he has a psychological disorder and cannot be held responsible for his actions.
In a sermon in Alexandria, Pope Shenouda III rejected isolating one’s self in the desert for worship without belonging to a monastery.
Dr. Zaghlūl al-Najjār and Dr. Mustafá al-Shak‘ah, both members of the Islamic Research Academy, are to be interrogated before the North Giza Prosecution on charges of disdaining Christianity.
Lawyer Najīb Jabrā’īl calls for bringing al-Najjār to trial because his statements threaten national unity between Muslims and Copts.
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