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 In the run up to Coptic Christmas (January 7th) two Watani International writers review A Christmas Gift, a book compiled by Watanī writers reflecting on various different aspects of Christmas, from the meaning of the celebration to how to make home-made decorations.
Marina Ihab reviews Watani International colleague Nadir Shukry’s book about reconciliation sessions. In his book, Shukry documents 19 sectarian cases which have undergone traditional reconciliation sessions that resulted in the culprits being freed while the victims never receive justice.
The article review a book about St Mina which is entitled,‘Great Saint Mena, the Miraculous.’ The book is 520 pages long and contains numerous references, codices and manuscripts to verify every detail cited in the book. The book was prepared and published by the St Mīnā Coptic Orthodox Monastery...
Watani International comments on its most recent book, ’ Sadat in the memory of Copts: Days of pain and triumph.’ The book was written by Robeir al-Faris. The book is divided into eight chapters and looks at the development of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as well as the Nāsir years before...
Watani interviewed Samir Mitri Gayed, a member of the National Egyptian Heritage Revival Association (N.E.H.R.A), a pressure group which is keen on opening up religious tourism in Egypt.
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