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Dr. Mīnā Badī‘ ‘Abd al-Malik reviews the life and contributions of the late Dominican Father George Qanawātī.
Ibrāhīm al-Jawharī was born in the city of Qaliyūb in the second half of the 18th century. In the small city’s kuttāb, he learned writing and arithmetic, in which he excelled. He used to trans-scribe the religion books, and distribute them to the church at his own expense. He cared to present the...
From a personal experience, the author calls on Copts in general and organizers of the laymen’s conference in particular to devote more confidence to the church represented by Pope Shenouda III, whom he hailed as a remarkable figure in spiritual and administrative issues.
This article is a description of the international growth of the Coptic Orthodox Church over the course of history.
Dr. Mīnā Badī‘ ‘Abd al-Malik gives a brief history of the Orthodox Church.
Dr. Mina Badī‘ shows the wrong information published about the new version of the Bible.
On March 9, 2004, the Egyptian people in general and the Coptic Orthodox Christians in particular celebrated the 33rd anniversary of the death of Pope Kyrillos VI, 116th Patriarch on the See of Saint Mark. His holy message was based on building individuals spiritually, and he said that the church’s...
The article is about twelve Coptic manuscripts that contain texts translated from Greek from the fourth century. The contents of these manuscripts will help a lot in the study of the history of religion and philosophical thought in the East.
The author interviewed Samir Mansour, who is said to be the Coptic candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood in the next parliamentary elections. The author arranged to meet him to find out the truth in this case. He asked him about how he was asked by the Brotherhood to represent them and what his...
An obituary of Soliman Nesim, a Coptic pioneer of educational sciences.
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