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After getting a verdict of separation from her Christian husband, 'Abīr Tal'at Fakhrī's [allegedly kidnaped by the church] lawyer filed a new report with the Public prosecutor accusing the priest of of Saint Mina Church in Imbābah of kidnapping her and keeping her in a house attached to the church...
Hānī Surūr’s withdrawal from the parliamentary elections leaves current National Democratic Party representative and Copt Khālid al-Asyūtī, up against previous representative and Catholic Rāmī Lakah, dividing Catholics and Copts of al-Azbakiyyah. In an interview with Sawt al-Ummah, Lakah expressed...
This article outlines the struggle of desired Shūrá candidate Magi Tawadrus Armanius in his fight to be allowed to enter into elections. 
The author discusses a crime of fraud and “Christianization,” with the involvement of a Coptic priest.
The author reports on a crisis between a Christian investor and local lessees over Islamic endowment land.
A love story between a Muslim woman and a Christian man forced them to marry in secret which led to a huge crisis between their families.
Sawt al-Ummah reports on police violations in forcing a Christian girl who converted to Islam to return to Christianity.
Cairo airport security revealed the forgery of a passport that was proved to belong to a young Muslim woman who had converted to Christianity and intended to emigrate with her Christian husband using a forged passport.
A Christian man converts to Islam, and failing to convince his wife to convert, he wants to convert his Christian-born daughter to Islam. He accuses the church of hiding his wife and daughter and of taking over his property. He also accuses the court of complementing the church.
This article deals with the deception of some Muslim young men at the hands of an emigrant Coptic women who claimed to run an aviation training school, then took 5 million dollars from them and then fled.


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