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Thousands of citizens celebrated the New Year’s Eve in the landmark central Cairo al-Tahrīr Square, sang songs of patriotic sentiments, and chanted slogans against the military’s continuity in power. [Karīmah Hassan, Sūzān ‘Ātif and Muhammad Ra’fat, Al-Misrī al-Yawm, Jan. 2, p. 3]  
Theological researcher Nabīl Habīb conducted a comparative study between the 1938 regulations and its amendments.
Ahmad Amīn ‘Arafātslams some satellite channels for inviting unqualified Muslim clerics who issue online Fatwás without having considerable knowledge of Islām. Citing Dr. Rashād Khalīl, the former dean of the Faculty of Sharī‘ah and Law, as an example, ‘Arafāt indicated that Dr. Khalīl issued a...
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