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The author reports on the consequences of the recent Orthodox-Evangelical dispute.
Al-Dawākhilī traces the trip of the holy family in Egypt.
In his Christmas sermon, the patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt refers to the lack of official statistics about the Coptic Orthodox population in Egypt and highlights the Catholic Church’s efforts to build peace and justice in the world.
Bishop Bīshūy comments on current church affairs and announces that Bishop Yu’annis is still the pope’s private secretary
The ‘citizens in one homeland’ group has published a document entitled ‘the Egyptian national church, future visions’ and has called on the church to stay out of the political sphere.
The article sheds light on the meeting that took place between Nabīl Jibrā’īl, head of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organization and ‘Alī al-Dīn Hilāl, secretary of the Media Committee of the National Democratic Party.
Pope Shenouda was welcomed by clergymen of the Coptic Orthodox Church and thousands of Copts.
Mamadūh Nakhlah files a claim against the minister of the interior for giving Max Michel an ID that recognizes him as an archbishop.
A candle-lit demonstration was organized in Saint Mark’s Cathedral, the Coptic Orthodox papal residency in Cairo, to protest against the attacks in Naj‘ Hammādī.
Al-Dawākhilī reflects on the courageous attitudes stance adopted by the parliamentary deputy, Georgette Qillīnī.


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