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Al-Dustūr reports on the new decree allowing Bahā’īs to produce new identification certificates with a "-" in front of the religion entry.
Maximus talks about the situation of his church after head of the Holy Synod of the American Diaspora of True Orthodox Christians, who ordained him, converted to Buddhism, he also fiercely attacks Pope Shenouda, describing his era as the worst in Coptic history.
In his weekly sermon Pope Shenouda eliminated the condition of having a high academic degree to join monastic life in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Bishop Bishūy seeks political power and supports Jamāl Mubārak.
Max Michel argues that chastity is not a biblical or theological condition for choosing the patriarch.
This article discusses the fluctuating two faced relationship between the church and expatriate Copts. Although the church seeks to strengthen the role played by expatriate Copts abroad, it, at the same time, puts on the mask of being the calming force between the state and expatriate Copts in...
Although Bishop Marqus stresses the fact that he opposes the government, he supports Jamāl Mubārak to succeed his father as the president of the Egypt.
Dār al-Iftā’ issue a fatwá claiming that polygamy is not prohibited in Judaism and Christianity according to the Torah and the Bible. The fatwá aroused Christians’ resentment.
The article tracks church responses to a suggestion to institute an association for clergymen.
Members of Michael Munīr’s fan group on facebook call on U.S. Copts to work for giving Bahā’īs, Shī‘ah, and converts to Christianity more freedom of creed in Egypt.


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