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Recently, religious institutions have rejected and condemned Charlie Hebdo’s republication of the images insulting the Prophet Muḥammad.  At the same time, there have also been media reports of an extremist burning the Qur’an in Sweden, and French reactions and stances on the issue continue to...
On Friday, Minister of Endowments Dr. Muḥammad Mukhtār Jum’ah and Major General Arkan Harb ʿĀdil al-Ghadbān, Governor of Port Said, opened the Islamic complex in Port Fouad, after the completion of maintenance work which cost LE4. 6 million and was split between the Endowments Ministry and the Suez...
Al-Dustūr reports about the conditions of previous detainees from Islamic groups in Egypt.
In the interview, Nawāl al-Sa‘dawī denies that she escaped from Egypt to Belgium and sought asylum in the U.S. out of fear. She expresses her contempt about the situation of men and women of letters in Egypt for they can not freely express their opinions.
A website of a London-based Islamic organization has accused the prominent thinker Dr. Ḥasan Ḥanafī of Kufr [apostasy].


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