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Counselor Ahmad Qanāwī, member of Egyptian Judge Club, said that the Constitutional referendum will not take place on time because at least 18,000 judges are required to supervise the referendum.
‘Āsim, an attorney, filed the first lawsuit against Field Marshal Muhammad Husayn Tantāwī, former Minister of Defense, accusing him of killing protesters in the incidents at Maspero, Muhammad Mahmūd, the Cabinet building, and the massacres in Port Said and al-‘Abbāsīyah.
Ahmad Mikkī, Minister for Justice, has stated that Copts and women do not face persecution in Egypt and he will not issue a law without presenting it to the public. He made these statements at a conference with the United Nations and the European Union that was attempting to remove the legislative...
On Sunday, February 17, 2013 dozens of Copts and a number of revolutionary youth movements organized a march from Shubrā area of Cairo to the High Court. Their slogan was: “Our churches are not for war” (Tāriq Sabrī and Mustafá Rahūmah, al-Watan, Feb. 18, p. 3). Read original text in Arabic.
Two Muslim cousins shot four Coptic men from the same family leaving two of them dead after sustaining 140 shots.
A Coptic man riding his motorbike hits a Muslim girl playing on the street. The accident angered the girl’s Muslim family who quarreled with the Coptic man.
A wave of panic has swept over wealthy Coptic families in the city of Armant al-Wābūrat in Qinā governorate after two armed burglaries took place at the houses of wealthy Coptic families last week.
The security bodies which participated in resolving the ambiguity of the killing of the jeweler and the three workers in al-Zaytūnwill never catch the perpetrators of the crime because of the lack of modern technology for the detection of criminals.
Ṭāriq Ṣabrī hails Pope Shenouda III as a loyal patriot who has always been known for his patriotic stances. The commendation was issued upon Bishop Mūsá’s report on Pope Shenouda, a report stating that the Coptic Orthodox Church is not involved in Muḥammad Ḥijāzī’s controversial conversion or...


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