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A group of Islamic activists organized a huge protest after yesterday’s Friday prayers demanding the release of Kāmīliyā Shihātah, who has allegedly been detained by the church for converting to Islam. The protesters called for the trial of church leaders and the removal of Pope Shenouda III. They...
State Security forces have detained 20 suspects in the al-Zaytūn jewelery shop robbery in May 2008.
Al-Dustūr publishes the detailed investigation of Wajīh Ya‘qūb, the spokesman of the Middle East Christians’ Association who was jailed under suspicion of belonging to a foreign institution that spreads ideas against Islam.
A Christian woman accuses her ex-husband, who converted to Islam, of kidnapping their eldest daughter and threatening to kidnap the younger daughter as well.
A photographer for the Canada-based Middle East Christian Association [MECA] Dr. Peter ‘Izzat was recently arrested along with Dr. ‘Ādil Fawzī on charges of inflaming sectarian strife, contempt for Islam, and revolting against the state. ‘Izzat denies all charges, wondering why he would scorn Islam...
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